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Fullerton Commercial Real Estate
Fullerton is located in northern Orange County, CA. Orange County has some of the largest commercial real estate property in the county. Fullerton has many first-class commercial real estate projects. Transtar has been the property manager for many commercial real estate projects in the Fullerton area.

Fullerton is an active city located close to the freeway to Los Angeles. At the same time, the city has moved to preserve its charm as a heritage community. As a result, the aesthetic value of commercial real estate and surrounding residential neighborhoods in Fullerton help to make the city attractive to both residents and visitors. Transtar, as leading commercial real estate experts in Orange County, California, provides services to help the commercial property investor take advantage of the prosperous business climate and the wave of developments that have taken place in Fullerton. For more information about opportunities in commercial real estate, or for information about our investment services and commercial property management, contact us.

Our leasing abilities in Fullerton include negotiating significant leases with many companies seeking commercial real estate. Transtar's experience in the Fullerton market goes back over 10 years and includes office building, retail center and industrial building transactions. Transtar's award-winning commercial investment specialists and property management team recognize the distinct value of commercial property in Fullerton, and can provide you with the tools and expertise to help ensure that investing in commercial real estate in Fullerton is a successful choice.
Fullerton, located in northern Orange County, California, boasts a thriving economy. This presents new opportunities for commercial real estate investment. A number of industrial expansions, service improvements, and housing projects are currently underway and a wave of developments in Fullerton commercial real estate signal to a growth in the economy and investment opportunities. Located within five minutes of Fullerton, Transtar's north Orange County office completes approximately 50 lease transactions each year. These leases are in office buildings as well as industrial buildings. Strategically located next to Fullerton's thriving economy, Transtar can respond quickly to any tenant's need to find office building, retail center or industrial building locations. Transtar's on-site management office is available to provide high quality property management to any north Orange County property owners.
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